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Products We Manufacture
Rubber Rollers
Jewell Hudgens, Inc. provides rubber coverings for industrial rollers. Rubber compounds offered include neoprene, hypalon, carboxilated nitrile, buna nitrile, nitrile PVC, EPDM, and ebonite.
Polyurethane Rollers
Jewell Hudgens, Inc. provides roller coverings in polyurethane for a wide range of applications. Polyurethane roller coverings provide superior performance and long life by improving cut and tear properties, increasing abrasion resistance, and reducing vibration levels. Durometers range from 20 Shore A to 75 Shore D. Both polyester and polyether polyurethanes are offered depending on the application.
Steel and Chromeplated Rollers
Jewell Hudgens, Inc. manufactures and services steel rollers and chromeplated rollers. JHI can finish rollers up to 24" X 160" in our OD Grinders. Chromeplating can extend the life of steel rollers significantly. Steel rollers can be finished with smooth ground finishes or knurled surface finishes. Tungsten carbide and other coatings can be applied to achieve the desired result.
Custom Cast Urethane Parts
Jewell Hudgens, Inc. can cast your custom parts using polyurethane in a wide range of durometers. Our in house machine shop is ready to fabricate a mold for your part. The use of polyurethane parts provides benefits such as improved wear, reduced vibration level, and reduced sound levels.